How We Work

Our facilitation provides transformative and reflective experiences that are spacious, strength-based, and life-giving. Our practices are informed by intersectional feminism, womanism, anti-racism, emergent strategy, and popular education as frameworks to create and hold space for safety, belonging, courage, and vulnerability.

Our Facilitation Approach

Creative & Reflective 

HOW utilizes arts-based processes, such as drawing, collage, creative writing, and storytelling to activite innovation, collective imagination, problem solving, and encourage self knowledge and introspection to connect with personal motivations and values.

Anti-Oppressive and Trauma-Informed 

We intentionally and carefully engage emotions, personal motivations, and the identities of all individuals in the space. We acknowledge and bring in the voices of stakeholders who are not in the room. As facilitators, we hold space and create safety for people to be vulnerable, practice community care, and take risks.

Holistic & Pleasurable 

So much wisdom is held in our bodies. By engaging our whole selves, we can show up to the work with more presence, and see one another more fully. Sessions may be opened or closed using meditation or grounding techniques. Music, laughter, food, and movement are often incorporated into meetings, workshops, or retreats.

Deep & Emergent 

We are not interested in surface solutions or unsustainable strategies. We aim to get to the root and dig deep. We facilitate through critical inquiry and carefully crafted questions that shift perspectives and allow for emergence of new and unexpected possibilities.

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